This website is run by Michael Marten.

It was prompted by the events of 18.9.14: a key date in recent Scottish history. Many of us argued for Scots to govern themselves: for social justice, against Trident, against the Dungavel prison and so on.  We lost the argument, and now need to find ways (harder ones, probably!) to bring about these changes in society.  Given the actions of the winners(!) in the referendum, I do actually expect Scotland to become independent at some point in the coming years, but that’s something that will no doubt be explored more in the blog postings over time.

In the meantime, engagement in the public sphere continues.  We all – whether we voted Yes or No in September is irrelevant – need to engage in changing the world around us in order to improve it, especially for those most disadvantaged by the rampant neo-liberalism most of our mainstream parties support.  The way in which Scottish and UK politics is structured is deeply flawed, and we need to reflect on how to reform these structures to make them more effective, and for the most part that won’t happen simply by ‘voting in the other lot’ – those days have long past (if they ever existed at all).  This blog is intended to offer some thinking and reflection on that front.

I have many other interests, most particularly in relation to the Middle East, and will offer occasional comment pieces on issues related to Europe and the Middle East.

I am a member of the Scottish Green Party and have been a (moderately active) member for a little while now. As far as I recall, my first ever vote was for a Green candidate in a European election, and my politics align closely with the Greens.  This blog will undoubtedly reflect that.

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The blog also has occasional guest contributors writing.  I am keen to encourage this, so if you think you might like to write, do get in touch.