Judy Murray and her tennis proposal at Park of Keir

Judy Murray has helped her sons to become world stars in tennis, and is keen to support others who might want to play too. This is very understandable.

She wants to push through a proposal to create a tennis centre at Park of Keir near Dunblane. Unfortunately for her, locals are strongly opposed to the proposal, as the BBC reported: “There were more than 1,000 objections to the scheme and only 45 in support.” Stirling Council refused planning permission for her scheme.

She and her financial backers decided to ignore the views of local people and the Council’s planning committee, and have taken their case to the Scottish government.

If this is beginning to sound familiar, that’s because you may be thinking: “didn’t Donald Trump do the same thing at Menie in Aberdeenshire?” – and, of course, the answer is that yes, he did.

Ms Murray does not like this comparison, as a Twitter exchange with her today shows. It began when I added a comment to a tweet from Andy Wightman MSP (click the images to see the original tweets):

Andy Wightman tweets about Judy Murray

Andy Wightman tweets about Judy Murray

My tweet, with Judy Murray’s reply:

My tweet, with Judy Murray's reply

I did, of course, respond, with the BBC link above:

My reply to Judy Murray

My reply to Judy Murray

I have had no reply. I understand that she might not like being compared to Donald Trump, but as Andy Wightman notes, she really is pursuing similar tactics.For more information from the local campaign group opposing her plans, see Protect Park of Keir, who say:

What this decision is definitely not about is whether Scotland would benefit from a new tennis centre. Of course the country would benefit from this. But to sacrifice Park of Keir for this purpose is to suggest it is the only place available. Of course it isn’t. There are countless brown field sites that could be used. But there is only one Park of Keir. It has stood here undeveloped since the last ice age. Once it has gone it will be gone forever.


2 thoughts on “Judy Murray and her tennis proposal at Park of Keir

  1. Curiously I remember that Aberdeenshire council voted FOR DJT’s blessed golf course. A proposal which had overwhelming local backing. Yet I constantly read how the evil Salmond/SNP overthrew local democracy to allow the Menie development.

    Strange how the enemies of Scotland managed to have the lie become truth. And shame on the greens for spreading lies.


    • You remember incorrectly about the planning application: https://gu.com/p/4mhkh/stw notes: “Martin Ford, a Scottish Green party councillor, whose casting vote on Aberdeenshire’s planning committee against the resort in 2007 forced Trump to appeal to the Scottish government, said: “From the start, Mr Trump has in turn either bullied or ignored the Scottish planning system. The promised investment in the large hotel and resort elements has not materialised, nor the jobs. The north-east has got the worst of all possible worlds. The amazing dune system at Menie has been lost to development, the jobs and economic benefits promised have not materialised.””


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