General Election night: 01:30 – Scotland and the union

I want to make some very brief comments from the middle of the night, with just a few results in, and none in Scotland so far.  There has apparently been a high turnout in Scotland, which is one reason the results are slower in coming in than expected.  But it looks as if the SNP really will win almost every seat in Scotland – a great result for them.

However, if the Tories do win overall, even if not outright but enough to remain in power, Scottish delight about SNP wins need to be tempered by the prospect of five more years of austerity, renewal of Trident, evisceration of social security, and an EU in/out referendum and so on.  I support the call for an EU referendum, but almost certainly not on the terms the Tories want.

What is clear is that anyone arguing that there is no difference between social attitudes in Scotland and rUK is quite simply not paying attention: Scots have clearly voted for an anti-austerity, anti-Trident politics, in complete contrast, it seems, to rUK:

Even if Scotland does not leave the UK, or to put it another way, if there is to be any chance of Scotland staying in the UK, there has to be some kind of new constitutional arrangement beyond the pathetic nonsense that was the Smith Commission.  No Westminster government that wants to keep Scotland in the union (and I’m not sure all the Tories really do, to be honest) can ignore how Scotland has voted.  What that means for the future is not clear.  As commentators on TV joke about who would be Secretary of State for Scotland in a Tory(-led) government, there is a much more significant issue here that will require very serious consideration, that will have implications for Wales and the non-South East of England regions of England too.


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