How to resist the Scottish Government’s attempt to create a national identity database

Yes, I know the Scottish Government claims it is not setting up a national identity database, but the practical effect of what it is proposing to do based on the National Health Service Central Register is creating a national identity database.  If you opposed the National ID card proposals when they first came around (as the SNP and many others did), then you will not be enamoured by the current proposals – from the SNP government, ironically! – to create a national identity database.

You can do something about this, but I have only just managed to address this myself, and so it is late in the day – the consultation process ends tomorrow:

25. February 2015.

So you need to act fast, but if you have half an hour, it can be done!

If you want more background information:

Go to the consultation page:

Consultation on proposed amendments to the National Health
Service Central Register (Scotland) Regulations 2006

The document is available here as a PDF.  If you’re pushed for time, just look at the paragraphs mentioned in the consultation document, which you can download here (a Microsoft Word document).

Do not worry: the consultation document is short, and the form has only four questions after you have filled in your name and contact details etc.

You then have to email your filled in document to the Scottish Government:

You have to do that by the end of the day tomorrow!

I wrote my response in haste this evening, and make no claim for perfection by any stretch of the imagination, but if you would like to see what I have written, I have my responses available here in PDF form.

Resist the SNP’s attempts to create a national identity database!