You’re invited to a pub quiz – with Alastair Campbell!

Have you ever wanted to be on a pub quiz team with Alastair Campbell?

A friend of mine, a journalist on a “Labour” Party mailing list, recently received the invitation below.  He forwarded it to me for publication here (I’ve removed his name and the links so he can’t be identified: this means the pretty red donation buttons are just red text and you’ll just have to use your imagination…).

My friend’s comment to me was: “This is so pathetic, desperate and patronising that at first I thought it was a parody account. Then I looked at the address (apparently Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and now Alastair Campbell all share one email account!) and realised that it’s the one I’ve unsubscribed from on four occasions so far…”

I don’t think I need to add more to his comments!

From: Alastair Campbell <>
Date: 16 January 2015 xx:xx:xx GMT
To: xxxxxx
Subject: Pub quiz with me?
Hello there xxxxxx,Like all of us, I’m up for doing whatever I can to help get this useless government out in May.

So how’s this: want to be on a pub quiz team with me?

There’s a big Labour quiz and party on Monday 9 February in London, and I’ve agreed to captain a group of four members and supporters. Simon: I reckon you should be on my team.

Of course, the whole point is to raise money for the election, so I’m asking you first to chuck in a fiver (or more, if you can spare it.) Do that now, and your name will go into the draw to be on my team. Go on — it’s a very painless donation process:


I’ll donate £5
I’ll donate £10
I’ll donate £15
I’ll donate another amount

If you win, you get to bring a mate along to join the team too. Travel and a night’s accommodation is on us if you need it.

We’ll be competing against other Labour folk — party supporters like you, some Shadow Cabinet members, MPs.

It’s all for fun and to raise money that will help us beat the Tories and elect Ed in May. No need to be University Challenge-level good or anything — I’m certainly not.

So go on — what’s to lose? The odds are decent as these things go, and even if you don’t win, you can consider the donation your good deed for the day:


I’ll donate £5
I’ll donate £10
I’ll donate £15
I’ll donate another amount

Cheers. Maybe meet you soon,


P.S. If you would like to enter without donating, please do so here. However, every penny we receive will help us beat the Tories at the next election, so I’d be grateful if you could donate something with your entry .

The prize draw is open to individuals aged 16 or over who are resident in the UK. Each person may submit one entry to the free prize draw. Every entry will go into the draw, whether or not a donation is made. If you wish to enter without making a donation, please fill in this form. You can also enter the draw by writing to Pub Quiz Raffle, One Brewer’s Green, London SW1H 0RH. There are no tickets but each participant will be allocated a unique number that will be entered into the draw. Automated or third party entries will be disqualified. Labour Party employees are not permitted to enter. The competition will run from 16 January 2015 until 24 January 2015 at 11.59pm. Online entries must be completed by the closing date. Postal entries must be received by the closing date. Winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries within five days of the closing date and will be contacted using the email address or phone number supplied. Winners’ names will be published on our website, and winners permit to have their photo taken and video filmed at the event; this content may be published on the Labour Party website or used in other promotional material for the party. The personal details supplied for the prize draw entry will not be passed to any third party in compliance with our privacy policy The Labour Party reserves the right to withdraw a prize and to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate the prize draw or extend or resume the entry period or disqualify any participant at any time without giving advance notice and will do so if it cannot be guaranteed that the prize draw can be carried out fairly or correctly for technical, legal or other reasons or if the Labour Party suspects that any person has been manipulating entries or the results or has acted unethically in any other way.