A sore back and a clear head

Yesterday was a bit of a haze. I was tired, and I was emotional, after getting very little sleep.

But I woke up this morning with a sore back and a clear head. And I now have 30 minutes to write this first blog posting before I have to leave the house for work.

We lost the referendum on 18.9.14.  But we gained so much in the course of fighting for it.  We confronted the British state: not just the political mainstream in Westminster, but, with the single honourable exception of the Sunday Herald newspaper, the entire national mainstream press, many major corporations, finance institutions, and global powers. What would they have lost? Trident, Dungavel, food banks – all the ingredients they need for a militarised, unjust and austerity-driven future that serves the powerful, and stamps on the marginalised. Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, “Labour” – they worked together to do this.

It would have been a miracle had we won against that. A miracle, yes, but we nearly did it – 1.6 million Scots, 45% of the votes cast, went to Yes.  And we’ll win next time. This is a beginning, not the end. Already the promises the No parties made are being broken, as David Meikle, a Tory councillor in Glasgow, noted:


So what do we do?  We, The 45%, get up (somewhat slowly today, in my case!), put sticking plasters on our scuffed knees, and we fight back. We struggle for justice again.

I have spent most of the last three decades trying to live justly in global and local contexts.  I have sought to work for the good of wider society. I have sought to counter sexism, racism, and all kinds of other discriminations.  I have often failed, but have tried again, and I am not stopping now. No way.  And I am not alone.

This space is going to be about my little part in that struggle. There’s a longer posting that I’ll put up here later today, but in the meantime, read this by Robin McAlpine.

This is the beginning.  Welcome, wherever you are and whoever you are – if you want to be part of this too, do join me. I have some plasters if you need them. Now get up.



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